My biography

Russian futurologist, economist, technology investor. Graduated from the Department of International Economic Relations, Moscow University of International Relations, and the Academy of MP’s Corps. Started career at the USSR Foreign Ministry. Worked as First Deputy Chairman of Ostankino, Russian State Television and Radio Company; First Deputy Director General, Director for Economics and Finance, Russian Public TV. Member of the 1st State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Since 1999, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Russian Investments group of companies. Collector, patron of arts; bidder for Andrey Tarkovsky’s archive at the Sotheby’s auction. From May 2019, member of the ASI Expert Council. Investor in IT projects, production of composite material products, industrial design and urban environment design. Publishes annual futurist forecast for the 21st century. Organizer and host of the International Scientific Futurological Forum named after Academician Sakharov “The World in Half a Century”. Well-known lecturer and visionary.